Is It Art??

   Well, if decorating for Christmas is ART....... then yes.  I used native Saw                 Palmetto  branches, dried and trimmed on the mantle.

   In Florida, you gotta have TANGERINES  at Christmas time. Wish I had a tree......

          Ginny's fish swim around permanently under my fruit. They were                           supposed to be for Christmas gifts but they like it at my house.....I think. this isn't a Christmas decoration, but Sheba was supervising my work in each room.
This is where my art studio used to it's a dining room where maybe there will be a holiday dinner. But that's only if it's too windy for the porch.

 Speaking of the Christmas Cactus outdid itself this year!

    We decorated a Florida Native Holly tree this year. Of course there was a limit to the number of ornaments on a small tree like this........I had a hard time picking which ones, but they include ones made by the kids and some my grandmother had on her first married Chrismas.

                      All Y'all Have a Merry Christmas......

                  Peace and Love in the New Year.

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