Koi for CalendArt 2014

These are a sampling of original paintings that I have done for Art Mundo"s Calendart 2014. These actual 5 x 7 inch originals will be mounted in calendars, and tickets will be sold to raffle off the calendars. I am one of 36 artists, all juried participants. If you are lucky enough to win one of the 33 calendars, you will get 12 original pieces of art that can be  easily taken off the calendar page and framed.  It's VERY cool to win a calendar....like winning the art lottery!

You may also bid on 3 Calendars to be live auctioned off on the night of the CalendArt Gala on December 7th! It's worth it to attend the event just to watch the auction, but the food and entertainment make it all a great evening.

Email me for raffle tickets. One for $10 and 3 for $25. To attend the gala, you must purchase 3 tickets per person($25)



Bimini Beauties

This canvas was reclaimed from an unremarkable former painting. To cover the old painting, I turned the canvas upside down and haphazardly brushed on paint that was leftover on my palette. Actually I was more than a little frustrated at life at the moment, and it felt cathartic to 'ruin' the old painting with increasingly bold splashes and slashes of paint. Eventually, the old picture was covered with amazing color, drips and all. As I stepped back from the canvas, I started seeing some shapes of fish that had accidentally emerged from my painting frenzy. And that is what this painting would become.

I have been fortunate to have frequented the beautiful islands of Bimini many times throughout my life. It is absolutely breathtaking to venture under the surface of the clear, turquoise ocean and take in the visual feast of these colorful fish. The Triggerfish and Parrot Fish definitely are stand outs! For fun and interest, mine are painted with a little extra flair of color.

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 30 Inches


Red Mangroves

I worked on these 2 oil paintings consecutively which was fun. I love to paint the long aerial roots of the red mangrove, especially when the river is calm and the reflections are quite striking. Mangroves provide a haven and nursery for a myriad of aquatic babies until they are old enough to venture out into open waters. They also are instrumental in the protection our shorelines from erosion during storms.

20 x 20 inches
Oil on Gallery Wrap Wood Panel

Mangroves, Mangroves, Mangroves!

These mangrove paintings are 3 of 13 that I did for non-profit Art Mundo's Calendart 2013 Calendart, a fundraiser in which 36 artists create original art that is placed in 36 calendars. These calendars are raffled off on December 1st at a gala event taking place at the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce. If you win you have an instant art collection of 12 original pieces of art! Trust me, it's VERY exciting to win one. All pieces are a standard 5 x 7 inches, and easy to pop off the calendar and frame inexpensively.

My theme for the Calendart paintings, is Indian River Lagoon mangroves. I went kayaking on a beautifully calm day to take photos to use for reference.  I hope that my paintings convey the feeling of gliding along the water among the mangroves on a lazy summer day.

Got your tickets yet for a chance to win an original art calendar? 3/$25 1/$10  artmundo.org

5 x 7 inches


Three Koi

I just finished the final touches on these three koi paintings. Pinto, Pez Fea, and Pumpkin are well-fed and loved pets that reside in a beautiful pond created by friends in the midst of their splendid garden backyard, a botanical wonderland on the edge of a redwood forest in Northern California. I was pleased and honored to have been asked to do this triptych that will be displayed in a home so carefully designed and decorated with discriminating tastes!

11 x 14 Inches Each
Acrylic on Archival Artist Hardwood Panel
Gallery wrap (paintings extend around the edges)
Commissioned Work NFS


Peace, Mother Nature

This was a fun painting done from the heart. Although I used a few of my reference photos, I really didn't have a composition plan.....it just flowed from my creative core and heart. I painted this for the "Mother Of All Shows" currently exhibiting at the Underground Gallery at Art Mundo in Fort Pierce. The show, based on the artist's interpretation of the Mother theme,  runs through May.

I left the thick sides of the wood panel unfinished for a cool effect.

Acrylic on Artist Birch Panel
20 x 20 Inches

111 Orange Ave
Downtown Ft. Pierce, Florida

Single Red Hibiscus

This is what I painted today instead of working on the commissioned pieces I should have been doing. Oh well, stuff happens. I was planning to start it in acrylic and finish up with oil, which is so lovely and luminous on flowers. But I loved what was happening with the acrylic up to the end. Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow......

10  x 10 Inches Gallery Wrap(flower painted around on sides)


Winter Dream

This is an impressionistic piece I completed recently in my studio. The painting is more about the blues than the flower itself. In fact, I added the lotus as an afterthought, and I'm happy with the final result. You can see this painting, along with some more great art, through the month of January at Art Mundo's Winter Blues Show in the Underground Gallery at the ArtBank, downtown Fort Pierce.

24 x 24 Gallery Wrap Canvas