Bimini Beauties

This canvas was reclaimed from an unremarkable former painting. To cover the old painting, I turned the canvas upside down and haphazardly brushed on paint that was leftover on my palette. Actually I was more than a little frustrated at life at the moment, and it felt cathartic to 'ruin' the old painting with increasingly bold splashes and slashes of paint. Eventually, the old picture was covered with amazing color, drips and all. As I stepped back from the canvas, I started seeing some shapes of fish that had accidentally emerged from my painting frenzy. And that is what this painting would become.

I have been fortunate to have frequented the beautiful islands of Bimini many times throughout my life. It is absolutely breathtaking to venture under the surface of the clear, turquoise ocean and take in the visual feast of these colorful fish. The Triggerfish and Parrot Fish definitely are stand outs! For fun and interest, mine are painted with a little extra flair of color.

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 30 Inches

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