This is a fun painting I just finished for a theme show, The Poe Show at Art Mundo in Fort Pierce this month. Yeah, yeah, I know, they're crows, not ravens. There are no ravens in Florida, and so I'm more familiar with crows, and in fact, quite fond of them.  They're intelligent and entertaining birds, although they can be devious at times. Every morning at dawn, I watch a murder of crows make their way south along the Indian River Lagoon, on their way to cause havoc somewhere with their mischievousness. I titled this, "Kicking Up A Fuss" as they surely can do.

Drop by and check out The Poe Show at the ArtBank Underground, downtown Fort Pierce through November 2nd.
111 Orange Avenue.

20 x 20 on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Brenda Summerlin said...

I like the agua or turquois, so many variations to this color. This is the color I have throughout each room in my home, to shake things up a bit, in an otherwise neutral color scheme.

I like it, Julie.

Julie Lounibos said...

Thanks Brenda! Turquoise is one of my favorites too. I paint with it a lot.