Altar Boxes

Inside View
Outside View

 What is an Altar Box? It is different things for different people, but ultimately, it is a special box created to place personal and meaningful objects in, creating a sacred spot to meditate upon. The first box, shown above, was painted with the sun, the moon, water, and wind on the inside of the door. Inside are icons of important pivotal events in my life. There are shells that I collected years ago from the beach and the sand that fell out of them, inside the box. The tree represents life, grounded by roots and exposing a glowing heart.

 This second altar box, I entitled, Third Eye, the gateway to intuitive thought and inner guidance. The box is painted with vibrant blues to resemble the sea. In the foreground, I collaged pieces of painted papers to represent fragments of life, with steps leading inside to the Third Eye. Hanging by a string in the front is a life rope, and on the sides are surfboards.

This box is actually the smallest. Made from a recycled empty mint box, this is a traveling altar box. Inside on the top, I painted with acrylics, the scenes which I usually see out the window during my morning meditation. Inside the bottom, I collaged a representation of our house, the river, landscape and even our kayaks. This box I can take with me on vacations to remind me that all is well on the homefront.

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