Her Life

This started as a, I don't know where this is going painting. Old canvas, acrylic paint and some techniques I learned at a workshop on faux painting techniques on furniture. I had an AHA moment........Hey why not paint like that on a canvas? SO.....starting out with a dry brush layering of paint as the base, I slowly built up the background, still having NO idea what I would do next. Over a period of months, each idea would just happen, including the taping off of the center, the marbling effect, and the copy of a self-portrait watercolor I did a few years ago. My yoga influence sprouted the limbs of life and the grounding roots. It became a very personal painting that I envisioned keeping for myself, but it was not to be. She will reside in the home of my good friend, Anita, and that is an extreme honor.

20 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

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